Every job we do is a "project" and our Project Methodology always follows these steps:

 Survey – a review of your business and its needs

Analysis  – documenting existing processes, analyzing needs and defining basic  goals for your new system - when we sell you computer equipment, we  provide a solution that fits your needs.

Design  – We design and build computers and networks. When custom software is  needed, we use Prototyping with significant user participation to  develop a model of the new system software. As a Microsoft Registered  Partner, we can also show you how to use Microsoft Office in ways to  support your business effectively.

Implementation  – Transforming the software Prototype and/or custom hardware solution  into a Production System, including training your users in the operation  of the system.

Support  – additional training, requested changes and enhancements as well as  backup procedures and disaster recovery planning and support. We want  you to have maximum "UP" time for your system and to be able to  concentrate on running your business. We will be there for you!

Remember, things always work out best when there is a viable PLAN